25 Nov 2014   

Asia Bookroom - Asia at Your Fingertips

Visit us in Hong Kong at China in Print

Asia Bookroom exhibiting in Hong Kong this Month

Asia Bookroom will be exhibiting at China in Print, Hong Kong’s leading international fair and exhibition for rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera with a particular focus on Asian printed material. Featuring exhibitors from Austria, Australia, England, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the USA.

Our Hong Kong book fair catalogue is now online. Click here to look. It includes some of the rare books, ephemera and photographs of Hong Kong, China and the region we will have for sale at the fair.

Friday 21st November 16.00 – 20.00
Saturday 22nd November 11.00 – 19.00
Sunday 23rd November 11.00 – 16.00

Admission is free

Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Central Ferry Pier No.8, Man Kwong St
Hong Kong

Uncommon. Books, Ephemera & Other Works on Paper

This catalogue includes 25 carefully chosen items - all of which are very uncommon, some not listed at all on Worldcat, the site at which a large number of the world's library catalogues can be searched. Other items, while held in some public collections are uncommon on the market and held in few collections.

Highlights include a 19th century British government report Gambling in Hong Kong, which quotes the stirring exchanges between the colony's governor, Sir Richard Graves McDonnell and the Secretary of State for the Colonies, the Earl of Buckingham and Chandos - proving feelings ran as hot in those days on this subject as they do now! A small collection of Japanese military certificates from the First World War and immediately after, a Japanese board game on paper celebrating the first flight from Japan to Europe and a photograph album of Shanghai in 1931. Have a look at
Uncommon - Books, Ephemera & Other Works on Paper here.

 小紋標本 [ Komon Hyohon] Japanese Fabric Sample Book (小紋標本 [ Komon Hyohon] Japanese Fabric Sample Book)
小紋標本 [ Komon Hyohon] Japanese Fabric Sample Book 九重 [kokonoe] Ninefold
Fabric sample book containing 60 numbered komon fabric samples, 14 thread decorated card pages on which 12 feature samples. Original cloth boards with fabric tie. One corner bumped, cloth boards a little marked and slightly worn in places, paper on spine torn but overall very good. This sample book is includes samples of Japanese "Komon" (小紋): sophisticated traditional Japanese fine textile patterns. Komon are used widely to create kimonos for daily use and as well as for kimonos for more formal occasions. These patterns are found in many different places in Japan (e.g. ‘Edo Komon’ is used in Edo (江戸 current Tokyo). This sample book offers 60 different design patterns, including a traditional pattern “Karakusa (arabesque design)” of various colours. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148811) ... more
Stock ID: 148811
 應天 [ōten] Fabric Sample Book from Kawashima shoten (應天 [ōten] Fabric Sample Book from Kawashima shoten.)
應天 [ōten] Fabric Sample Book from Kawashima shoten. 堅牢更紗標本 [kenro sarasa hyōhon] Catalogues of Japanese Calico
Sample book featuring 80 patterned fabric samples for kimonos, gilt title upper cover, tissue guards at endpapers a little creased, sewn with red thread which has broken in two places but is otherwise sound, card leaves a little soiled and browned with some occasional insect damage not affecting the cloth samples. Cloth album binding little insect damaged in places. An attractive sample book measuring 25.5 x 19.5cm. There are many contemporary printed catalogues of Japanese Calico, wasarasa(和更紗), but this sample book which includes contains real swatches of textile samples allows us to see and feel actual textile samples. Sample designs include Karakusa (arabesque design: 唐草) and Sakura (Cherry blossoms: 桜). These 80 real textile samples are a historically valuable resource as they give a sense of what the Taisho (大正) era everyday kimono textiles were like, and how beautiful they were. Inscription includes the handwritten date Taisho 4 [1915] on the front paste down. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148800) ... more
Stock ID: 148800
 Australian Women''s Travel in East Asia in the earl (Australian Women''s Travel in East Asia in the early 1970s.)
Australian Women's Travel in East Asia in the early 1970s.
22 items of ephemera comprising 15 brochures, 2 menus and 5 postcards from the collection of an Australian women traveller. All but one of these items appear to have been collected while participating in the 'Woman's Day Adventure including Expo 70". This tour of cities in Southeast and East Asia was arranged by very popular Australian womens's magazine Woman's Day. The tour brochure invites would be travellers to "The adventure of your life! 25 days! - 6 countries! Fully escorted. Completely inclusive fare $1349" places visited: Singapore; Johore; Bangkok; Tokyo; Nikko; Sendai; Kamakura; Hakone; Kyoto; Kobe; Takamatsu; Osaka; Taipei; Hong Kong. The trip was arranged by Traveland and Qantas. This small collection is an interesting example of the marketing of Asia, in particular Japan, as a travel destination to Australian women and their partners 25 years after World War II when relations between Japan and Australia were beginning to take on more of their modern hue. The marketing appears to have been successful encouraging the original traveller to take a return visit to Asia just three years later following her Woman's Day tour, as the inclusion of a signed menu from Christmas dinner aboard the Norwegian China Trader "Hoi Kung" dated 24th Dec 1973 suggests. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 149784) ... more
Stock ID: 149784

 Mandalay Album]*. (Burmese Scrapbook)
Mandalay Album]*.
15 black and white postcards and two original photographs of similar size laid down into a handmade scrapbook. Typescript notes laid down, some browning particularly covers and last page. Three watercolour scenes on upper cover were "painted by Saya Pyaw, our drawing master". This album appears to have been made by an American[?] living in Mandalay, probably for a child at home. The captions and accompanying images which are provided by the postcards and photographs describe the sights of Mandalay as it might have been experienced by a foreigner. Beginning with arriving from Rangoon via train the text describes what the young visitor might eat and see. A charming piece. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148766) ... more
Stock ID: 148766
 Views of Tsingtao & Chinese Customs 青島と支那風俗写真長帳  [ (Views of Tsingtao & Chinese Customs 青島と支那風俗写真長帳  [Chintao to Shina huzoku shashin cho])
Views of Tsingtao & Chinese Customs 青島と支那風俗写真長帳 [Chintao to Shina huzoku shashin cho] Full colour thirty two images 原色板三十二景 (Ze
32 pages of full page colour photographic images showing Tsingtao and surrounding rural areas, original pictorial card covers, ribbon tie fragmented, one leaf torn with a little loss, original wrappers little browned, good copy. Small oblong view book measuring 11 x 15.8cm. A prior owner's name in Kanji lower wrapper. Fascinating colour images which provide insight into city life in Tsingtao/Qingdao during World War II. Each image is captioned in Japanese and with an English summary. Images include: Japanese Marines in a street parade, Japanese Consulate General, Tadanoumi Sea-Bathing Place, and mnay street scenes including: Tingtao Santoro, Tingtao, Taiheiro Street, Tingtao; Doyuro Post Office, Tingtao; Kanshiro Street; Tanzan Watering-place. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 149315) ... more
Stock ID: 149315
 The Painters of Japan. (The Painters of Japan.)
The Painters of Japan.
2 volumes. 114 full page plates of which 6 are colour tipped-in plates. Volume I: xiv + 153pp. Volume II: xiv + 153pp. Original black cloth lettered in gilt on the spine, top edge gilt, edges uncut. Half titles foxing, some other occasional foxing, a few marks on cloth but generally very good. A good set. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 143504) ... more
Stock ID: 143504
 The Siam Outlook. Evangelistic Number. (The Siam Outlook. Evangelistic Number.)
The Siam Outlook. Evangelistic Number.
94pp. Original wrappers, light central vertical crease from folding, very good copy. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 144040) ... more
Stock ID: 144040

 早引定紋鑒 [Hayabiki jōmon kagami  Quick Reference to F (早引定紋鑒 [Hayabiki jōmon kagami  Quick Reference to Family Crests  ])
早引定紋鑒 [Hayabiki jōmon kagami Quick Reference to Family Crests ]

102 leaves with black and white woodblock text and illustrations throughout. Paper covered wrappers creased and worn, title label heavily insect damaged. Four hole stab binding still firm although the string tie is loosening, ribbon across spine broken. First leaf lifting from front paste down but otherwise clean and sound. Minor occasional wear and soiling in text but generally very good. Reference book for Japanese family crests. The main section gives examples of family crests. Each family crest is arranged by name in Japanese alphabetical order (i-ro-ha). Each crest is accompanied by a sign as follows: (▲/●/˄/△/○ mean: a crest with ▲ is formed with 3, 6 or 12 elements; a crest with ● is formed with 2, 4, 8, 16 elements; a crest with ˄ is formed with 5 or 10 elements; a crest with △ is formed with 7 or 14 elements; and a crest with ○is formed with 9 or 18 elements. This useful reference also includes three styles (tensho, square, and happun) of Japanese kanji-form alphabet; 52 Genji-kō patterns which are formed with five vertical lines traditional background patterns; how to make basic geometrical forms and lay crest patterns on them; and examples of cut-out crest patterns from a square paper sheet folded between one and five times. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148557) ... more
Stock ID: 148557

 Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Ske (Cover Image)
Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches
Maps, black and white illustrations, 167pp, notes, paperback. In his perfectly crafted haiku poems, Basho described the natural world with great simplicity and delicacy of feeling. When he composed "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" he was a serious student of Zen Buddhism setting off on a series of travels designed to strip away the trappings of the material world and bring spiritual enlightenment. He wrote of the seasons changing, of the smell of the rain, the brightness of the moon and the beauty of the waterfall, through which he sensed the mysteries of the universe. These travel writings not only chronicle Basho's perilous journeys through Japan, but they also capture his vision of eternity in the transient world around him. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148782) ... more
Stock ID: 148782
 Nepal Mandala. A Cultural Study of the Kathmandu V (Nepal Mandala. A Cultural Study of the Kathmandu Valley.)
Nepal Mandala. A Cultural Study of the Kathmandu Valley.
2 Volumes, colour frontispieces, good hardback copies with dustjackets. Volume 1: "Text"; xxiii + 491pp, appendices, bibliography, index, biro mark on margin of one leaf. Volume 2: "Plates"; 9 maps, 600 black and white photographic plates, xix, unpaginated. Dustjackets both volumes worn. Quarto. Reprint of 1982 Princeton University Press edition. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148829) ... more
Stock ID: 148829
 Old Shanghai. (Old Shanghai.)
Old Shanghai.
Endpaper maps, black and white and colour photographic illustrations, xiv + 65pp, index, glossary, bibliography, a very good hardback copy. Images of Asia. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148838) ... more
Stock ID: 148838

 Surviving the 2011 Tsunami. (Surviving the 2011 Tsunami.)
Surviving the 2011 Tsunami. 100 Testimonies of Ishinomaki Area Survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Colour and black and white photographic illustrations, 256pp, small quarto, paperback. Surviving the 2011 Tsunami is a full translation of the Japanese original edition under the same title―published in 2012―compiled by the editorial office of The Ishinomaki Kahoku. What was it that determined the fate of those who found themselves at the mercy of the massive tsunami that closed in on them on March 11, 2011? With the addition of powerful photographs from the regional newspaper’s March 11 archives, the book draws upon the testimonies of 100 survivors to uncover truths about the tsunami and human capacities for dealing with it. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148749) ... more
Stock ID: 148749

 The Chinese Calculus of Deterrence. India and Indo (The Chinese Calculus of Deterrence. India and Indochina.)
The Chinese Calculus of Deterrence. India and Indochina.
Endpaper maps, xxv + 299pp, index, bibliography, notes, ex-library copy, cancelled stamps, library labels, barcode, and remnants of library pocket prelims and last leaves, contents otherwise clean, library sticker spine, dustjacket faded on spine, now protected. The author "presents a framework for anticipating Chinese political-military behaviour in the nuclear era. He reconstructs China's response to the perceived threat from India in 1962, and reveals the full pattern of Peking's secret military participation in the Indochina war from 1964 to 1968. He then compares these conflicts with Chinese behaviour in Korea and on the Sino-Soviet border to illuminate Peking's calculus of deterrence and the use of force." Publisher's description. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 77016) ... more
Stock ID: 77016

 Lodge in Vietnam. (Cover Image)
Lodge in Vietnam. A Patriot Abroad.
AU$22.00 (WAS AU$67.95)
Maps, black and white photographic illustrations, ix + 200pp, notes, bibliography, index, a very good hardback copy in dustjacket. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148306) ... more
Stock ID: 148306
 Le Bouddhisme au Village. (Le Bouddhisme au Village.)
Le Bouddhisme au Village. Notes ethnographiques sur les pratiques religieuses dans la societe rurale lao (plaine de Vientiane).
Black and white illustrations, 230pp, bibliography, indices, rear cover little rubbed, a very good paperback copy. Biliingual text in French and Lao. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148500) ... more
Stock ID: 148500

 Artefacts of Champa. (Image linked with this item)
Artefacts of Champa.
AU$55.00 (WAS AU$97.50)
Full page colour plates illustrating artefacts of Champa face explanatory text in both Vietnamese and English. 153pp.. Some wear on corners and dustjacket. Little bumping on spine. Oblong quarto. Bilingual Vietnamese English edition. Features a number of examples of jewellery. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 90506) ... more
Stock ID: 90506
 Asie des Moussons. Inde - Indochine - Insulinde. T (Asie des Moussons. Inde - Indochine - Insulinde.)
Asie des Moussons. Inde - Indochine - Insulinde. Tome IX.
Maps, black and white photographic plates, 273 - 548pp, original wrappers torn with loss at head and tail of spine. Text very clean and sound with many leaves unopened. Signature of a prior owner upper wrapper. Quarto. This first volume in the Asie des Moussons section of Geographie Text in French. Universelle covers South Asia through to IndoChina. The second volume covers Japan and China. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 134577) ... more
Stock ID: 134577
 Before The Revolution. (Before The Revolution.)
Before The Revolution. The Vietnamese Peasants Under The French.
xxvii + 284pp, index, bibliography, a very good paperback copy.. Considered a classic in its field, Before The Revolution is a forceful, chilling account of the Vietnamese peasant under French Colonial Rule. Part 1 is a factual description of the policies which, within a decade, turned the peasants into an impoverished tenant class. Part 2 underscores this plight by using the translation of fictional-realistic literature produced by Vietnamese writers of the colonial period. These original translations not only underscore the tension and emotion which existed but show the development of an anti-French, anti-imperialist feeling among the peasants. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 142958) ... more
Stock ID: 142958

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