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Thank you for helping us raise money for the Nepali teacher's salary.

We are absolutely delighted to report that the customers of Asia Bookroom really decorated our Christmas tree beautifully this last Christmas! We had baubles all over the tree and as each bauble represented a donation towards the salary of a teacher in Nepal it was a very beautiful tree indeed. Together we raised a total of A$3688.07 which will pay the salary of Indra Kulung, a young man who teaches English language at the Shree Sagarmatha School. This is the third year we have raised money for a teacher's salary and it is the highest amount we have raised yet! It is very inspiring to be part of what Christmas is really about. Thank you so much to all who gave. More can be found out about the work Classrooms in the Clouds are doing in Nepal as well as a short biographical piece about Indra Kulung by clicking here.

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 Money Logging. (Money Logging.)
Money Logging. On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia.
Translated from German. Maps, colour illustrations, 313pp, index, paperback. Money Logging investigates what Gordon Brown has called probably the biggest environmental crime of our times: the massive destruction of the Borneo rainforest by Malaysian loggers. Historian and campaigner Lukas Straumann goes in search not only of the lost forests and the people who used to call them home, but also the network of criminals who have earned billions through illegal timber sales and corruption. Straumann singles out Abdul Taib Mahmud, current governor of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, as the kingpin of this Asian timber mafia. Taib's family, with the complicity of global financial institutions, have profited to the tune of 15 billion US dollars. Money Logging is a story of a people who have lost their ancient paradise to a wasteland of oil palm plantations, pollution, and corruption and how they hope to take it back. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 150514) ... more
Stock ID: 150514

 Trip in Chosen 朝鮮之風光 (Trip in Chosen 朝鮮之風光)
Trip in Chosen 朝鮮之風光
[80pp] black and white collotypes, many pages showing two or three or occasionally more images. Album measures 18.3 x 25.1cm. Attractive oblong octavo cloth binding, silk title label in Japanese and English laid down upper cover, two hole stab binding with purple fabric ties, silk on spine damaged with loss, all edges gilt. Original dustjacket titled in English and Japanese on upper cover torn with a little loss and now protected. Dustjacket is larger in size than the book (21.5 in height and with very generous folds). Front free endpaper creased, publication leaf and last blank foxed, some soiling throughout. A nice copy of a very interesting and scarce album. This comprehensive travel book about Korea was published during the Japanese colonial era. The text is mainly in Japanese with the cover title and the table of contents also in English. This book was published to encourage tourism principally from Japan and includes many pictorial images which give us a taste of everyday life in Korea at the time. Pictorial images include: women farmers weaving silk, people bathing at the beach at the seaside resort in Jinsen, a golf course for tourists, and also historical colonial buildings such as the General Office of the Government, Chosen Hotel and Bank of Chosen. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148876) ... more
Stock ID: 148876
 Ming. (Ming.)
Ming. 50 Years That Changed China.
Colour and black and white photographic illustrations, 312pp, notes, bibliography, index, dustjacket. Ask anyone what single object they associate with China and the most common answer will be a Ming vase. Probably without even knowing the dates of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), people are aware of the fragility of its porcelain, its rarity and value. But porcelain is just one part of the story of one of the most glorious epoques of China's past. By focusing on the significant years of the early Ming dynasty and through the themes of court people and their lives, extraordinary developments in culture, the military, religion, diplomacy and trade, this magnificent book brings the wider history of this fascinating period to colourful life. This was an age of great voyages of exploration, undertaken for many reasons including trade and diplomacy. Long before the regular arrivals of Europeans in China, court-sponsored expeditions were sent to Asia, the Middle East and the African coast, bringing back knowledge of and objects from lands thousands of miles away gold, gems and foreign fashions. This period also saw the compilation of the worlds first comprehensive encyclopaedia (worked on by over 2000 scholars); the undertaking of major building projects such as the Forbidden City and Ming tombs; the creation of beautiful textiles, paintings, ceramics, gold, jewellery, furniture, jade and lacquer. The engaging narrative is richly illustrated with over 250 images, drawing on the objects specially selected for the British Museums major exhibition. Some of these are the finest pieces ever made in China. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 150180) ... more
Stock ID: 150180
 Le Chemin de Fer du Yunnan. (Le Chemin de Fer du Yunnan.)
Le Chemin de Fer du Yunnan.
2 volumes in original maroon cloth. Volume I: Full page colour panorama of Laokay, 85 black and white photographic plates, 202pp. Volume II: 55 Maps, plans and diagrams, most folding and some very large. Lower section of cloth both volumes damp affected but this has not affected the contents of either volume both of which are very good and clean. Detailed account, in French, of the building of the railway between Yunnan and Vietnam. The Yunnan -Indochina Railway was an extraordinary engineering feat. 855 kilometres in length, the railway was built by France during the period 1904-1910. It connected Kumming in Yunnan with Haiphone in Vietnam (the nearest seaport to Kumming) a journey which took 28 days prior to the completion of this extraordinary project. The railway was not without its costs including a very high death rate among the over 60,000 strong workforce. Built in breathtaking scenery, particularly it is said on the Chinese side of the border, the railway ran regular passenger services on the line until 2000. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148533) ... more
Stock ID: 148533
 Shodo. The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy. (Cover Image)
Shodo. The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy.
Colour and black and white photographic illustrations, 176pp, appendix, dustjacket, tall quarto. In this beautiful and extraordinary book, Shozo Sato, an internationally recognized master of traditional Zen arts, teaches the Japanese art of calligraphy through the power and wisdom of Zen poetry. Single-line Zen Buddhist koan aphorisms, or "zengo," are one of the most common subjects for the traditional Japanese brush calligraphy known as "shodo." Regarded as one of the key disciplines in fostering the focused, meditative state of mind so essential to Zen, "shodo" is practiced regularly by all students of Zen Buddhism in Japan. After providing a brief history of Japanese calligraphy and its close relationship with the teachings of Zen Buddhism, Sato explains the basic supplies and fundamental brushstroke skills that you'll need. He goes on to present thirty "zengo," each featuring: An example by a skilled Zen monk or master calligrapherAn explanation of the individual characters and the Zen koan as a wholeStep-by-step instructions on how to paint the phrase in a number of styles (Kaisho, Gyosho, Sosho)A stunning volume on the intersection of Japanese aesthetics and Zen Buddhist thought, "Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy" guides beginning and advanced students alike to a deeper understanding of the unique brush painting art form of "shodo" calligraphy. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 150543) ... more
Stock ID: 150543
 The History of Sumatra
The History of Sumatra, Containing An Account of the Government, Laws, Customs and Manners Of the Native Inhabitants, With A Description of the Natural Productions, And A Relation of the Ancient Political State Of that Island.
Text only (does not include separately issued volume of plates). Folding map of Sumatra, full page plate Sumatran Alphabets, viii + 479pp + [8]pp index, small quarto, rebound in cloth, title label on spine, 1 x 5cm section clipped from upper corner of the title page, lacks prelims prior to frontis folding map, some foxing and browning on map and occasional in text, closed 8.5cm text from margin on map. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 149109) ... more
Stock ID: 149109

 AAM Handbook 1973. (AAM Handbook 1973.)
AAM Handbook 1973.
Maps in black and white with directions and major roads shown in red, 88pp, very good tall octavo in original wrappers. 25.4 x 12.9cm. The maps and gazetteer are accompanied by details about rest houses, hotels, garages, what to do if you breakdown, are in an accident, visas requirements etc. A snapshot of road travel in Malaya at the beginning fo the 1970s. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 149931) ... more
Stock ID: 149931
 East India Resorts. (East India Resorts.)
East India Resorts.
Folding map, black and white photographic illustrations, 105pp, appendix, little foxing endpapers, minor wear pictorial wrappers, 12mo, a good copy. A guide to the resorts of East India (Bihar, West Bengal, Assam and Orissa) for tourists, including historical and geographical details, places of interest, activities, directions and suggestions for accommodation. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 142364) ... more
Stock ID: 142364

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