Please help Asia Bookroom Fund the 2023 Salary of a Teacher in Nepal



This is the 10th year Asia Bookroom has collected donations to fund a teacher's salary in a remote area of Nepal. 

For most of these 10 years we have raised the annual salary of a young woman called Llami Sherpa who teaches at Shree Sagarmatha School in Bung, in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. Llami Sherpa is leaving the school to complete a Masters of Education. She has always been committed to making a difference for her community through education. We are very proud that Asia Bookroom and our customers have contributed to making this happen!

Instead we aim to raise the salary of Aruna Kulung. Aruna has been working closely with Llami as an Early Years teacher. She is one of 11 children from a remote farming village where her parents struggle to produce enough food for the family. Aruna started working as soon as she completed Grade 10 to support her family. Despite hardship she persevered to complete a Bachelor of Education. She is keen to inspire her students to overcome challenges and make the most of their education. Aruna has experience of working with different local NGOs. She is dedicated to improving the living standards of the people in the villages and has found education to be a key factor in changing outcomes.

Any donation will make a big difference to Aruna and her students. As in previous years each donation will be represented on our Christmas tree by a decoration representing different amounts - see below for some suggested donations. With your help we hope to have a brightly coloured, fully decorated Christmas tree by December 25th, symbolising another year of funding for "our" teacher Aruna Kulung.

See below for the 4 ways you can make your donation.

Together we can educate a class full of Nepalese children! Asia Bookroom customers and staff did it last year, raising $11,937.52 which covered Llami Sherpa's wages for 2022, provided a uniform, some training and, because we exceeded the target, the extra money went towards equipping several other schools' libraries with books. This was a great result - thank you to all who donated!! 

This is how our Christmas tree "works":

A donation of $10 will pay Aruna's wages for approximately half a day. A silver coloured Christmas decoration will be placed on our Christmas tree to symbolise this donation.
A red decoration represents $20 pays for 1 day 

A blue decoration represents $50 pays for 2.5 days 
A green decoration represents $100 pays for 5 days
A gold decoration represents $200 pays for 10 days

Or you may give another amount - every donation is appreciated - large or small. 

Thank you for your support - your donation will change the course of a Nepalese child's life.

How to Donate?
Your donation goes directly to Classrooms in the Clouds. 

 To donate please use one of the 4 methods listed here:

1 - Bring cash into Asia Bookroom,  a cheque or money order 
made payable to Classrooms in the Clouds and we will bank it for you. 

2 - Donate by credit card or from a Paypal account by using this link If you use this link, you will see the default amount comes up in pounds sterling (Classrooms in the Clouds is registered in the UK), however just click the little arrow beneath "GBP" and you can select Australian dollars.  

3 - Bank Deposit: Classrooms in the Clouds also have bank accounts in both Australia and the UK - please let us know if you would like to deposit directly into either of these and we will send the details.

4 - Direct: If you would like to donate via the Classrooms in the Clouds website please do; they accept both Paypal and credit card.

We would appreciate if you let us know the amount you are donating you if you use options 2, 3 or 4 so that we can count your donation towards our united efforts to raise Aruna Kulung's salary! 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit card payments via our own credit card terminal at Asia Bookroom.

 More information about the project can be found here

As the Nepalese government can't afford sufficient teachers your support will enable more children to attend school. This opportunity for the children and their families will assist in moving communities away from grinding poverty. 

For more information visit the Classrooms in the Clouds website.

With thanks from all of us at Asia Bookroom

Aruna with two of her students

Photo above shows Aruna teaching in her class