The China Journal. Issues no. 50-59 (2003: July - 2008: January) 中國研究. [Zhongguo yan jiu]. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CONTEMPORARY CHINA CENTRE.

The China Journal. Issues no. 50-59 (2003: July - 2008: January) 中國研究. [Zhongguo yan jiu].

Canberra. Contemporary China Centre, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. July 2003 - January2008. Stock ID #163774

Issues no. 50 to 59 of the China Journal, published semi-annually by Contemporary China Centre, Australian National University from July 2003 to January 2008, paperback in very good condition. The ten issues cover a wide range of topic on China. Some interesting highlights in the series are:

Extramarital Love in Shanghai (pp. 1-36, issue no. 50); Suing the Local State: Administrative Litigation in Rural China (pp. 75-96, issue no.51); Working until You Drop: The Elderly of Rural China (pp. 73-94, issue no.52); Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Cross-Strait Relations (pp. 35-60, issue no.53); Bracing for an Uncertain Future: A Case Study of New Coping Strategies of Rural Parents under China's Birth Control Policy (pp. 53-76, issue no.54); Institutionalized Rebellion: Governing Tsinghua University during the Late Years of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (pp. 1-28, issue no.55); Who Adopts Girls and Why? Domestic Adoption of Female Children in Contemporary Rural China (pp. 63-82, issue no.56);Working for the Peasants? Strategic Interactions and Unintended Consequences in the Chinese Rural Tax Reform (pp. 89-106, issue no.57);From Resistance to Adaptation: Uyghur Popular Music and Changing Attitudes among Uyghur Youth (pp. 59-82,issue no.58);Boss Christians: The Business of Religion in the "Wenzhou Model" of Christian Revival (pp. 63-87, issue no.59), etc. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 163774).

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