The China Journal. Issues no. 35 - 49 (1996: January - 2003: January) 中國研究. [Zhongguo yan jiu]. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CONTEMPORARY CHINA CENTRE.

The China Journal. Issues no. 35 - 49 (1996: January - 2003: January) 中國研究. [Zhongguo yan jiu].

Canberra. Contemporary China Centre, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. January 1996 - January2003. Stock ID #163776

A collection of 15 issues of the China Journal (issue no.35 -49), published semi-annually by Contemporary China Centre, Australian National University from January 1996 to January 2003. Some fading and occasional tear on spine, otherwise in good condition, paperback. The fifteen issues cover a wide range of topic on China. Some interesting highlights in the series are:
Learning Versus Adaptation: Explaining Change in Chinese Arms Control Policy in the 1980s and 1990s (pp. 27-61, issue no.35); The Fengshui Resurgence in China: Conflicting Cosmologies Between State and Peasantry (pp. 47-65, issue no.36); The Cash Nexus and Social Networks: Mutual Aid and Gifts in Contemporary Shanghai Villages (pp. 91-112, issue no.37); Farmers' Preferences Regarding Ownership and Land Tenure in Post-Mao China: Unexpected Evidence from Eight Counties (pp. 33-63, issue no.38); The Transformation of China's Mental Health Services (pp. 1-36, issue no.39); Exalting the Latecomer State: Intellectuals and the State during the Chinese and Vietnamese Reforms (pp. 9-36, issue no.40); Inequality in the Rewards for Holding up Half the Sky: Gender Wage Gaps in China's Urban Labour Market, 1988-1994 (pp. 55-88, issue no.41); Becoming Dagongmei (Working Girls): The Politics of Identity and Difference in Reform China (pp. 1-18, issue no.42); The Disarticulation of Hong Kong's Post-Handover Political System (pp. 29-53, issue no.43); State Coercion and the Balance of Awe: The 1983-1986 "Stern Blows" Anti-Crime Campaign (pp. 93-125, issue no.44); Jiang Zemin's Style of Rule: Go for Stability, Monopolize Power and Settle for Limited Effectiveness (pp. 45-51, issue no.45); Tears of Rage: Chinese Nationalist Reactions to the Belgrade Embassy Bombing (pp. 25-43, issue no.46); Fertility and Family Planning in Rural Tibet (pp. 19-39. issue no.47); Cadres, Temple and Lineage Institutions, and Governance in Rural China (pp. 1-27, issue no.48); Democratizing the Neighbourhood? New Private Housing and Home-Owner Self-Organization in Urban China (pp. 31-59, issue no.49) (When referring to this item please quote stockid 163776).

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