Brush & Shutter Early Photography in China. JEFFREY CODY, FRANCES TERPAK.

Brush & Shutter Early Photography in China

Los Angeles. Getty Research Institute. 2011. Stock ID #168670

Colour and black and white photographic illustrations, xi + 197 pages, hardback. 26.6 x 28.2cm. This title offers a lavishly illustrated exploration of the history of photography in China. Photography was introduced to China in the 1840s through the West's engagement in the Opium Wars and the subsequent reforms of Chinese statesmen. As a result, traditional modes of expression were dramatically transformed. Uncovered here is a captivating visual history of China during photography's first century. Chinese export painters learned and adapted the medium of photography by grafting the new technology onto traditional artistic conventions - employing both brush and shutter. Ultimately, both Chinese and Western photographers were witnesses to and agents of dynamic cultural change. The essays in this volume - which cover topics from the medium's evolution, commercialisation, and dissemination to how phot0graphy helped shape China's national image - shed new light on the birth of a medium. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 168670).

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