Thank you so much for your contribution to the 2022 wages of Llami Sherpa!
My apologies for the delay providing you with this report on our fund raising effort for Christmas 2021. Funds have continued to come in through January and we are delighted to report that together we raised the most impressive sum of $12,377!!  Thank you so much! We have been so touched by everyone's kindness and generosity. 2021 was undoubtedly a year of challenges but we have never had as many donations! 

Photo shows Llami kneeling in the front and her students

As the amount raised exceeded the approximately $7000 needed for Llami Sherpa's wages I am delighted to report that the extra money will be spent on buying 1300 books for the Shree Sagarmatha School and two other schools in the same region which Classrooms in the Clouds are also working with. We thought spending the additional funds on  buying books for the schools libraries was remarkably appropriate!

 A report from Classrooms in the Clouds arrived this week:

"Apologies about the delay in getting back to you.  Our team in Nepal have been out in the field delivering first aid training and have been struggling with poor signal. 

Thanks to the additional funds raised from the appeal we have been able to supply a huge range of much needed fiction and non-fiction books to 3 of our supported schools in the Solukhumbu region!  Over 1,300 books, targeted at children between 4 and 12 years ,are currently being distributed to Shree Padmakanya, Shree Chandrodaya, and Shree Bakhapalam Schools.  

Nepal has one of the world’s lowest literacy rates with an estimated 6.7 million adults classed as illiterate across the country. We believe that learning to read is fundamental in breaking the cycle of poverty and as such CITC [Classrooms in the Clouds] promotes literacy in schools by building and stocking libraries and working with school leaders to help children to access books and develop a love of reading. 

 Llami Sherpa [the teacher we support] is currently teaching in Year 2 as a ‘Grade Teacher’ as well as having the responsibility of being the Early Years Leader at Shree Sagarmatha School.  Grade teaching is a new concept in rural Nepal, with most primary schools having ‘subject based’ teachers, even from the Early Years.  This means that even the very youngest children can see multiple teachers in a day which makes it difficult for the teachers to get to know the children well and tailor their teaching to meet individual needs.

CITC strongly promotes the concept of grade teaching for primary aged children as a child-friendly approach, enabling the teachers to build better relationships with the children and allowing for a cross curricular approach to their learning. 

CITC has provided Llami with specific training in grade teaching and she is very proud that since her school adopted this approach 4 years ago, she has not only been able to raise her class average learning achievement by over 20% in the first year, but has subsequently kept her students’ average attainment above 80% every year since.  Performing as a grade teacher has enabled her to form greater relationships with her students and their families and she continues to be an excellent role model to her teaching peers.

In summary, this year’s Giving Tree appeal will help to provide another year’s sponsorship for Llami, assist with the purchasing of over 1,300 books to support children’s reading and contribute towards CITC’s teacher training programme, helping to provide quality learning opportunities and change outcomes for children in rural Nepal."

Thank you all for making this possible. Together we are making a very real difference not just to Llami Sherpa and her students but to all those in these schools in this remote part of Nepal.

Very best wishes and many, many thanks!

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