On Love and Barley. Haiku of Basho. BASHO MATSUO.

On Love and Barley. Haiku of Basho

London. Penguin Books Ltd., 1985. Stock ID #148783

Notes, black and white illustrations, 92pp, small paperback. Translated from the Japanese with an introduction by Lucien Stryk. Basho, one of the greatest of Japanese poets and the master of haiku, was also a Buddhist monk and a life-long traveller. His poems combine 'karumi', or lightness of touch, with the Zen ideal of oneness with creation. Each poem evokes the natural world - the cherry blossom, the leaping frog, the summer moon or the winter snow - suggesting the smallness of human life in comparison to the vastness and drama of nature. Basho himself enjoyed solitude and a life free from possessions, and his haiku are the work of an observant eye and a meditative mind, uncluttered by materialism and alive to the beauty of the world around him. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 148783).

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