Stock ID #159823 新時代教育遊戯 征空すごろく. [Shinjidai kyōiku yūgi seikū sugoroku]. [Educational Game of the New Era: Conquering the Sky Sugoroku]. OSAKA MAINICHI SHINBUN 大阪毎日新聞.

新時代教育遊戯 征空すごろく. [Shinjidai kyōiku yūgi seikū sugoroku].
[Educational Game of the New Era: Conquering the Sky Sugoroku].

Osaka. Osaka Mainichi Shinbun 大阪毎日新聞. Shōwa 5 ( 1930). Stock ID #159823

Large sugoroku game featuring a air trip around the world. Issued as the New Year's Day supplement to Osaka Mainichi Shinbun 大阪毎日新聞 in 1930. Approximately 76.5 x 107.5cm. Few small holes at folds, a little light foxing. Short closed tear from margin upper right. A good copy.

This large sugoroku game features a round the world air trip. Issued as a supplement to Osaka Mainichi Shinbun 大阪毎日新聞 on 1 January 1930, this sheet shows a colourful map of the world with flight routes. Attractively arranged around the map are photos of famous buildings, beautiful scenery, exotic figures and animals, including a kangaroo, of the world.

The text on the lower section on either side of the game are the directions for playing this sugoroku. There are several ways to play this game. The easiest way to play the game is to start at Osaka and go round the photos, using a dice, ending up at Tokyo which is next to the Osaka photo. More complex ways to play the games are using the flight routes; one can only visit major cities of the world and the text says that the players can make their own rules to make the game more interesting.

On the upper left of the game Japanese and world records of aviation, such as speed records and time of non-stop flights are given. The text on the upper right enumerates major historic flights of the world which include Charles Kingsford Smith's Trans-Pacific flight in 1928. Interestingly Kingsford Smith is described as an American! The photos include Norwegian playwright, Henrik Johan Ibsen, and an American actress, Clara Bow. Clara Bow was a very popular sexy actress at the time, but the association to this sugoroku is the film, Wings, in which she played a leading role. The airship depicted between Japan and the United States is Zeppelin which arrived in Japan in 1929.

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