100 Tibetan Srang. GOVERNMENT OF TIBET.
100 Tibetan Srang.

100 Tibetan Srang.

Lhasa. Trabshi Lekhung. [1945-1959]. Stock ID #161074

Colour doubleside printed srang banknote. Handstamped seals of government with hand written serial number. Well centered with straight edges, creased as usual, printing clean and bolder than usual. Tibetan banknotes such as these were produced from 1912/1913 (sources debate the exact year), until 1959, when the currency was changed to the Chinese Yuan. Creasing is common with all notes, as they were typically too large for the common wallet. A special type of paper was used for the construction of the bank notes, entirely different from the paper stock used in books; resistant to insect damage and more durable to general day to day use. Every Tibetan srang banknotes were machine-printed using traditional methods with up to seven blocks for each side at the government mint of Trabshi Lekhung; denominations were hand-numbered. The ink used came from India, and thus different batches of notes unintentionally had different shades of colour. Two larger sheets sandwiched a smaller third sheet which is placed in the center. Under a light, the center reveals a security legend which shows like a watermark and reads "From the heavenly appointed Gaden Palace, victorious in all directions. Twenty five paper srang of the religious and wordly government." - A Study of Tibetan Paper Money, Wolfgang Bertsch 2002.

On the reverse side, the central panel shows a scene called in Tibetan tshe ring rnam drug (“six [symbols] of long life”) consisting of an old man holding a vase in his right hand sitting under a pomegranate treee. Some of the fruits have opened, revealing their seeds - a symbol of fertility. On either side of the tree, a bat is flying. Below on the left is a plate decorated with lotus leaves and filled with fruits. A specific feature of the 100 srang note is a small dot akin to the Yin-yang symbol printed in blue in the upper right part of the scene, and was intended as a security measure - A Study of Tibetan Paper Money, Wolfgang Bertsch 2002. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 161074).

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