Looking Up, Looking Down Guide to Classical Feng Shui. RENI ALEKSANDRA HAGEN, PETER, GRAVES.

Looking Up, Looking Down Guide to Classical Feng Shui

United Kingdom: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018. Stock ID #162028

Black and white illustrations, 184pp, paperback. A fascinating, helpful exploration of the underlying principles of the ancient Chinese discipline of feng shui, with clear and useful recommendations for improving domestic and work environments, the book is grounded in classical Chinese knowledge.

One of the cornerstones of the traditional Chinese holistic view of health, feng shui assesses, diagnoses and adjusts the house in relation to the person living in it. The author explains the key universal principles upon which feng shui is based, and the deep relationship between ourselves, our houses and our surroundings. She explains how a classical trained consultant would proceed analysing your house, how to think about each room in your house, and provides practical advice on what to do and what to avoid.

With many real life illustrations, the book gives the reader a fundamental understanding of what classical feng shui does, and how to begin to think practically about improving life circumstances. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 162028).

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