Power and Prowess. The Origins of Brooke Kingship in Sarawak. J. H. WALKER.

Power and Prowess. The Origins of Brooke Kingship in Sarawak.

St. Leonards. ASAA in association with Allen and Unwin. 2002. Stock ID #164016

Maps, black and white illustrations, xx + 300pp, notes, bibliography, index, paperback. Slightly faded spine, ownership marks of a prior owner on half title lower and upper cover, otherwise very good copy. "Power and Prowess re-examines the formation of Sarawak in the middle of the nineteenth century, offering a detailed political history of the period as well as a new interpretation of the establishment of the state by James Brooke and the reactions of indigenous leaders and groups.
A significant reinterpretation of Sarawak history, Power and Prowess explores the network of power, economic and ritual relationships that developed on the northwest coast of Borneo in the mid-nineteenth century, from which a coalition led by James Brooke established the state of Sarawak.
Where many authors placed Brooke in the context of nineteenth century British imperialism, this study perceives him in the context of Bornean cultures and political economies. Brooke emerges from the historical record as a 'man of prowess', with the author identifying important ritual sources of Brooke's power among Malays, Bidayuh and Ibans, sources which derived from and expressed indigenous cultural traditions about fertility, health and status.
Drawing on conceptual frameworks from political science, as well as recent southeast Asian historiography, Power and Prowess offers a detailed political history of the period and new interpretations of Brooke's career. This study also retrieves from the historical sources previously concealed narratives which reflect the interests, priorities and activities of Sarawak people themselves." Publisher's description. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 164016).

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