Wehali: the Female Land. Traditions of a Timorese Ritual Centre. TOM THERIK.

Wehali: the Female Land. Traditions of a Timorese Ritual Centre.

Canberra. Pandanus Books. 2004. Stock ID #164897

Maps, colour and black and white photgraphic illustrations, xviii + 332pp, bibliography, glossary, ritual language, note on language, index, prior owner's signature half-title, very good paperback copy. "Wehali defines itself as the ritual centre of the island of Timor. As a ritual centre, Wehali continues to be the residence of a figure of traditional authority on whom, in the 18th century, the Dutch conferred the role of Kaiser (Keizer) and to whom the Portugese gave the title of Emperor (Imperador). At one time, Wehali was the centre of a network of tributary states, which both the Dutch and Portugese regarded as paramount to the political organization of the island. This book is a study of Wehali in its contemporary setting as it continues to maintain its rituals and traditions.

Significantly, Wehali is a 'Female' centre and its 'Great Lord' is considered to be a 'Female' lord. Whereas other Timorese societies are organized along male lines, in Wehali, all lands, all property, all houses belong to women. Men are exchanged as husbands in marriage. Wehali is thus considered to be the 'husband-giver' to the surrounding realms on the island that look to its inner power as their source of life." Publisher's description. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 164897).

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