Stock ID #171559 紧急动员令. [Jin ji dong yuan ling]. [Chinese Cultural Revolution Poster - Urgent Mobilisation Order]. UNITED HEADQUARTER OF QINSHUI COUNTY REVOLUTIONARY PROLETARIAT, 沁水县无产阶级革命派大联合总司令部.

紧急动员令. [Jin ji dong yuan ling].
[Chinese Cultural Revolution Poster - Urgent Mobilisation Order].

[沁水].[Qinshui]. 沁水县无产阶级革命派大联合总司令部.[Qinshui xian wu chan jie ji ge ming pai da lian he zong si ling bu]. February 1968. Stock ID #171559

Cultural Revolution Red Guard's Mobilisation Order. Printed in blue on one side of a sheet measuring 39 x 26.6cm. Some signatures and ink scribble upper right corner, light creasing along edges and occasional spotting but overall very good. Text in Chinese.

Scarce Chinese Cultural Revolution Red Guard's Mobilisation Order which clearly describes the serious power struggle and military engagement taking place between two local revolutionary factions of Red Guards groups (their short names "Red Organisation" and "United Organisation") in Shanxi Province. Qinshui County, where these two groups of Red Guards were based, is located in the southeast of Shanxi Province.

This urgent order was issued by the "United Organisation" on 9th February 1968 to mobilise local supporters to join the military action against the "Red Organisation" and it includes very detailed accounts of fighting between the two groups from 16th January to 5th February 1968. On this order the assertion is made that the "Red Organisation" led by Kuomintang spy 程首创 [Cheng Shouchang] initiated continuously large-scale armed fighting. On 16th January 1968, key members of the "United Organisation" 贾茂亭 [Jia Maoting], 李顺达 [Li Shunda] and around 100 others, studying Chairman Mao's works activists were ambushed, tortured and kidnapped. On many occasions, the "mob" took weapons and ammunitions away from local PLA army and injured PLA soldiers.

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