Japanese Taiwan. Colonial Rule and its Contested Legacy. ANDREW D. MORRIS.

Japanese Taiwan. Colonial Rule and its Contested Legacy.

London. Bloomsbury. 2015. Stock ID #172424

Map of the distribution of Taiwan's indigenous population, black and white photographic illustrations, xii + 258pp, glossary, bibliography, index, 24 x 16.4cm. A very good hardback copy. SOAS Studies in Modern and Contemporary Japan series. "Colonial agents worked for fifty years to make a Japanese Taiwan, using technology, culture, statistics, trade, and modern ideologies to remake their new territory according to evolving ideas of Japanese empire. Since the end of the Pacific War, this project has been remembered, imagined, nostalgized, erased, commodified, manipulated, idealized and condemned by different sectors of Taiwan's population.

Japanese Taiwan covers a range of topics, including colonial-era photography, exploration, post-war deportation, sport, film, media, economic planning, contemporary Japanese influences on Taiwanese popular culture, and recent nostalgia for and misunderstandings about the colonial era. It provides an interdisciplinary perspective on these related processes of colonization and decolonization, explaining how the memories, scars and traumas of the colonial era have been utilized during the post-war period. It provides a unique critique of the 'Japaneseness' of the erstwhile Chinese Taiwan, thus bringing new scholarship to bear on problems in contemporary East Asian politics." Publisher's description. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 172424).

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