Japanese Traditional Textile Collection. EARLY 20TH CENTURY JAPANESE TEXTILE COLLECTION.
Japanese Traditional Textile Collection.
Japanese Traditional Textile Collection.
Japanese Traditional Textile Collection.

Japanese Traditional Textile Collection.

Japan. Circa [ 1900]? Stock ID #172833

Interesting collection comprising of a large number of textile samples, trade sample book, dye industry sample book and a weft winding machine brochure as described below:
1 trade sample book of dye colours, 18.5 x 8.5cm, 8pp, colour samples tipped in, 2-hole traditional stab binding. 1 trade sample book of dye patterns, 16.5 x 23cm, 30pp, fabric samples tipped in, 4-hole traditional stab binding, title label pasted on cover. 1 fabric sample catalogue, 20.5 x 25.5cm, fabric samples tipped in. 1 weft winding machine brochure, black and white photographic illustrations, 18 x 61cm. Fabric samples (9 sewn bundles and some loose items) in cotton and some silk, approximately 220 items.

1. Trade sample book of dye colours, 8 pages, 2 page introductory text and 6 pages with coloured fabric samples each titled and numbered in Japanese. 18.5 x 8.5cm.

2. Textile trade sample book, 16.5 x 23cm, 30pp, 4 fabric samples laid down on each attractive gilt art nouveau decorated page, each titled and numbered. Bound in cloth covered boards with a 4-hole traditional stab binding with cord ties, paper title label laid down upper cover.

3. Brochure style textile sample catalogue with 6 samples of dark striped material, 20.5 x 25.5cm, fabric samples tipped in.

4. Late 19th century Japanese weft winding machine brochure with black and white photographic illustrations of the machines including one showing the interior of a Japanese factory at the time with men and women working.

5. 18 x 61cm. Fabric samples (9 sewn bundles and some loose examples) of patterned cotton and some silk, approximately 220 samples in all. Most are dark colours, some striped and were likely intended to be used for male clothing.

A fascinating collection of Japanese traditional fabric and fabric sample catalogues.

The dye colour sample catalogue was issued by Kimura Kanzaburo Store of Kyoto, at the time a leading centre for the fabric dye industry. The business phone number on the catalogue was only two digits long (number 42) making it likely that this catalogue dates to the late Meiji period. The telephone was introduced into Japan in 1877. The catalogue shows a variety of available colours, some bright, others more subtle. The fabric pattern catalogue contains about 120 different fabric samples with a variety of patterns, their colours and designs beautifully preserved and bordered with a gilt art nouveau style frame. The brochure style fabric sample catalogue offers six samples of summer cloth each with different small patterns. The weft winding machine brochure is illustrated with five recently invented machines which were already being used in Japanese textile factories.

The large number of fabric samples in this collection are mainly for male kimono clothing, evident with the use of dark colours and stripes. They are bundled and sewn together in different categories. Detailed examination of each sample reveals intricate weaving with subtle colours. The majority of the samples are cotton, but one bundle includes silk fabric samples. A valuable collection for those interested in Japanese textiles from the late Meiji period using traditional colours and patterns.

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