[Photographs of East Asia, the Pacific, England and United States - 1913 - 1936]. EARLY 20TH CENTURY PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION.
[Photographs of East Asia, the Pacific, England and United States - 1913 - 1936].

[Photographs of East Asia, the Pacific, England and United States - 1913 - 1936].

(Circa 1920s). Stock ID #173811

120 loose black and white amateur and professional photographs and 2 coloured postcards. One photograph chipped at one corner but otherwise very good. Many are annotated on the reverse in English. Most photographs measure 6.5 x 10cm or 9 x 14cm.

A large and fascinating collection of photos and postcards from the travels of an unknown person - probably a resident of Australia - to Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Fiji, Pago Pago and elsewhere in the period between 1913 and 1936. Most of the photos come from two trips, one in 1914-1915, one in 1936. Many have the place and date written on the back, and some have interesting notes on the place where they were taken, or of the events of the day when they were taken. The earliest of the photos was shot in Egypt in 1913. This is followed by one photo showing a street on Thursday Island in February 1914. It seems that the traveller was on the way from Australia to East Asia, because there are then eight photos of Hong Kong harbour, taken in March 1914 (probably from the deck of a ship). The next port of call is Japan, where the traveller visited Yokohama, Tokyo, Nara, Miyanoshita (near Hakone), Kyoto and Arashiyama, staying at the Hotel Miyanoshita on Easter Day. The images of Japan include a mixture of commercially marketed and personal photos. The traveller then went on to Korea, where he (or she, but the content of the photos seems to suggest a he) arrived on 25 April 1914 (there is a fine shot of Pusan harbour with that date, and a note stating that it was taken "just before landing", as well as four photos of the royal palace in Seoul and one of a gateway in Seoul - possibly Namdaemun).

There are then two photos taken in Windsor in 1915 or 1915, one of them showing "soldiers just arrived from New South Wales" visiting Windsor Castle. The next intriguing photo is of the airship "Los Angeles", which was built by the Zeppelin airship company for the US navy as part of war reparations. It entered use in 1924 and was decommissioned in 1932. This photo is small but dramatic, and the handwritten note on the back explains that it shows the dirigible Los Angeles "coming low over "the Lucerne" in Orlando. I took it from the top of the ? window (part lowered) and the tree shows how near it was. Better than my Ross Smith one, isn't it!"

The next major trip was in 1936, when the traveller stayed in Japan, and visited Asakusa in Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Miyanoshita, Kyoto and Hozu. There are photos of an excursion shooting the rapids at Hozu near Kyoto on 1 April1936. Several photos taken in Pago Pago are all are undated, but possibly taken in the same year, since there are also three photos which are labelled as being taken in Suva, Fiji, in October 1936. One of these has a note on the back reading "'The Rain Tree in Suva, under which the Deed of Secession was signed between King Cacabau (= Tha-okambau) and Sir Hercules Robinson on behalf of the British Government' - (a few years ago, it was cut down in spite of many protests". One undated photo is annotated "R. L. [Robert Louis] Stevenson summer house, Honolulu".

The collection also includes a charmingly decorated air-letter form from the Rotterdam Lloyd shipping company, showing the sailing route between Rotterdam and Batavia (Jakarta), with the words "Geef op deze route aan, waar u zich bevindt" (Indicate your location on this route). This, together with a note on a photo from Nikko pointing out a bell donated by the Netherlands, suggests that the photographer may also have had Dutch connections.

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