Stock ID #177220 改正鉄道地図. [Kaisei tetsudō chizu]. [Revised Railway Map of Japan]. KUSAKA WARAJIYA, 日下和楽路屋.
改正鉄道地図. [Kaisei tetsudō chizu]. [Revised Railway Map of Japan].
改正鉄道地図. [Kaisei tetsudō chizu]. [Revised Railway Map of Japan].

改正鉄道地図. [Kaisei tetsudō chizu].
[Revised Railway Map of Japan].

大阪. [Osaka]. 日下和楽路屋. [Kusaka Warajiya]. Taisho 2 [ 1913]. Stock ID #177220

An attractive colour folding map of the main railways that extended across the Japanese empire in 1913; beginning in Karafuto, through the main islands of Japan, Korea, and ending up in Manchuria. On the reverse are various scenic spots along the way, with fares between major stations. 18 x 150cm when unfolded fully, 18 x 7cm when folded, original cover. Insect damage with a little loss first and last folds, occasional browning, cover marked and worn. Although a rather used copy, this map offers an interesting picture of the extent of the Japanese railway system just prior to World War I.

This interesting map shows whole network of the Japanese National Railways from Sakhalin to Kyushu as well as in Korea and Manchuria as of 1913. The original map was published in 1904, around the time of the Russo-Japan War and revised in 1907 and 1913 as the Japanese Empire expanded. This map was designed to be handy during travelling as it folded into a compact size of 18.5 x 7.5 cm. The cover design incorporates major companies' crests, including Mitsubishi and Mitsui. The map shows the railway routes with all station names, as well as major landmarks and sightseeing sites. Numerous charts are printed as well to provide travelling information, such as train fares, luggage rates and some travelling hints.
The reverse side features major sites in black and white photographic illustrations, maps, famous places to visit and train fare charts for the third class carriage. The original owner's name and address from Aomiri Prefecture is on front end paper. It is a fascinating map from early 20th century when railway travel became more accessible for general public.

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