Stock ID #177625 平和すごろく. [Heiwa sugoroku]. [Peaceful Sugoroku Game]. 1920S JAPANESE POPULAR CULTURE GAME.
平和すごろく. [Heiwa sugoroku]. [Peaceful Sugoroku Game].

平和すごろく. [Heiwa sugoroku].
[Peaceful Sugoroku Game].

大阪. [Osaka]. 大阪毎日新聞. [Ōsaka Mainichi Shinbun]. Taisho 11 [ 1922]. Stock ID #177625

Folded sugoroku game sheet with black and white largely photographic illustrations on newsprint, 54 x 78cm. Evenly browned, few small holes at folds but otherwise good.

This sugoroku game sheet was distributed as a supplement on New Year's Day in 1922 by the Osaka Mainichi Newspaper. As the title suggests, the game mirrors the peaceful and affluent times of Taisho Japan, with each space serving as an advertisement for various consumer goods, primarily targeting women. The advertisements cover a range of products, including cosmetics, soap bars, Japanese sake, department stores, as well as motor vehicles and motorcycles. On the reverse side, several photographic illustrations are featured, presenting an intriguing collection of modern architecture in Tokyo. This combination of advertising and visual elements provides a glimpse into the consumer culture and architectural landscape of Taisho-era Japan.

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