Stock ID #177706 The Western Pioneers and Their Discovery of Macao. J. M. BRAGA.

The Western Pioneers and Their Discovery of Macao.

Macau. Sumaoriental. 2017. Reprint. Stock ID #177706

315pp, index, notes, bibliography, appendices, a very good paperback copy.

"Western Pioneers, first published in 1949, was never widely available. Nevertheless it was a significant piece of scholarship and an important contribution to the discussion of early European contact with China and Portuguese trade with China.

Jack Braga’s aim was to make available a series of obscure but important Portuguese accounts of early Portuguese-Chinese encounters. He was aware that no contemporary Chinese texts had emerged up to that time. Therefore his contribution to the discussion was necessarily one-sided. This does not diminish the importance of his work.

Moreover he realised that while the Portuguese sources he used concerning the beginnings of trade were contemporary, those for the origins of Macau were not, and allowance must be made for supposition, conjecture and exaggeration that may have crept into the accounts written well after the events described. Hence he reprinted as appendices five mid-sixteenth century letters and narratives that were available to him at the time". (Dr Stuart Braga - J.M. Braga, The Western Pioneers and their Discovery of Macao).

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