Stock ID #177808 海陸御固泰平鑑. [Kairiku okatame taihei kagami]. [Sea and Land Peacekeeping Defence Map]. COLOUR PICTORIAL MAP OF EDO DEFENCE AGAINST FOREIGN SHIP ARRIVALS.

海陸御固泰平鑑. [Kairiku okatame taihei kagami].
[Sea and Land Peacekeeping Defence Map].

[Japan]. ca. 1854. Stock ID #177808

Colour pictorial woodblock map, 34 x 94.5cm. Three vertical folds, 9cm slip band of paper loss at central fold, worming across image neatly repaired and the reverse of the map has been neatly backed. Although there is considerable damage to this map it still presents as an attractive image. Scarce - we have found only a black and white edition of this map in an institutional holding but none in colour.

This colour woodblock pictorial map of Tokyo Bay was most likely published soon after the arrival of an American fleet led by Commodore Perry in 1853. The map shows four foreign ships just about to enter the bay on the right. The arrival was a great shock for the Tokugawa government and the population in general. The government ordered many feudal lords to send their troops to defend various positions around the bay as indicated on the map. Similar types of maps were published and distributed widely soon after the arrival of foreign ships to report defence plans to very interested general public. Defensive positions and ships are marked by their lords' names and their flags. The strength of defending forces is indicated by listing the numbers: 620 canons, 18,000 guns, and 334,300 troops in total.

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