Stock ID #177816 世界戦争雙六. [Sekai sensō sugoroku]. [World War Sugoroku Game]. SUGOROKU GAME ON JAPANESE INVOLVEMENT IN WW1 AGAINST GERMANY.
世界戦争雙六. [Sekai sensō sugoroku]. [World War Sugoroku Game].

世界戦争雙六. [Sekai sensō sugoroku].
[World War Sugoroku Game].

名古屋. [Nagoya]. 新愛知新聞社. [Shin Aichi Shinbunsha]. Taisho 4 [ 1915]. Stock ID #177816

Colourful folding sugoroku game sheet, 39 x 55cm. A few, mainly small, closed tears in from margins, folds worn, some small holes particularly at folds, a little soiling at margins. Neat repairs on reverse. Still a good copy of a fascinating game which does not appear to be held in any institutional holdings.

The theme of this sugoroku is the Japanese campaigns in the Pacific against Germany during WWI. It was issued as a supplement to the 1915 New Year issue of Nagoya's Shin Aichi Newspaper.

The game begins in Japan; showing Japanese officers departing the country against the backdrop of Mt Fuji. Within a few moves the figure of Wilhelm II (caricatured here with his characteristic mustache) surrenders and he is carried away by Allied officers. In the meantime, Japanese officers fought bravely and occupied Jaluit Atoll in Marshall Islands, where local villagers welcome Japan. The final goal is a victory parade at home with Japanese, British and French flags held high by many. The war depicted here seems to be simple and sadly, even comical, contrasting starkly with images of the next Pacific War which would start in 25 years. Text on reverse provides calendar information for 1915, including a horoscope and the timing of conscription call-ups.

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