Stock ID #178751 朝鮮戰爭一年形勢圖. [Chaoxian zhan zhen yi nian xing shi tu]. [Illustrated Situation Map of the First Year of the Korean War]. SOUTHWEST MILITARY REGION POLITICAL BUREAU, 西南軍區政治部.

朝鮮戰爭一年形勢圖. [Chaoxian zhan zhen yi nian xing shi tu].
[Illustrated Situation Map of the First Year of the Korean War].

西南軍區政治部.[Xi nan jun qu zhen zhi bu]. circa 1951. Stock ID #178751

Scarce Chinese Korean War colour map published and distributed by the Southwest Military Region for the use of military personnel only indicated by 連隊掛圖之一 [One of the Wall Map for the Company (Troops)]. Folded, scale 1: 2,200,000.

Some light occasional foxing and browning mainly along the folds, small splash mark lower section of map, few tiny holes where map has been attached to a wall upper margin, overall very good.

Text in traditional Chinese. Map measures 73 x 49.8cm.

A fascinating Chinese military situation map of Korea and adjoining areas of Northeast China. Legend shows population, area of territory, administrative boundaries, railway, the capital city - 漢城 [Hanseong, now Seoul] and the temporary capital city - 平壤 [Pyongyang], counties and cities.

Explanatory notes on the map states dates and location of the victories (six battles) in the first year of the Korean War and also includes the number of enemy killed. A table at the upper left upper gives a breakdown of the six battles including the dates, separate numbers of enemies for South Korea troops and US troops killed.

An overview titled 一年來的朝鮮戰爭 [First Year into the Korean War] at the lower left corner, states the war was divided into three stages over the first year of the war. First stage was between June 25th - mid September 1950. It claims that at the end of this stage, the Korean People's Army fought back to against the US invaders and liberated 90% of South Korea.

The second stage was between mid-September - end of October 1950. During this month, the US invaders deployed far great number of troops than the Korean People's Army and they occupied Hanseong as a result. The last stage of that year between October 25th, 1950 - June 1951 marked the beginning of collaboration between the Korean People's Army and the Chinese People's Volunteer Army. At this point an estimated total number of 300,000 enemy troops are still present in the country.

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