Stock ID #179885 [カレンダー販売広告]. [Karenda hanbai kokoku]. [Advertisement Poster for Calendars]. BIPLANE ADVERTISING POSTER FOR 1928 CALENDARS.
[カレンダー販売広告]. [Karenda hanbai kokoku]. [Advertisement Poster for Calendars]

[カレンダー販売広告]. [Karenda hanbai kokoku].
[Advertisement Poster for Calendars]

東京. [Tokyo]. Showa 3 [ 1927]. Stock ID #179885

Colourful folding poster advertising calendars, on the reverse photographic and line illustrations accompanied by Japanese text are printed in blue ink, 55 x 79cm. Very good copy.

This poster was issued in 1927 by a Satoku Company to promote sales for the calendars they would be publishing for 1928. As 1928 was the year of dragon, the poster claims that any business choosing to advertise via their calendars will experience soaring sales, and, just like a dragon, fly high. The image of the high flying plane seems to echo the mental image created in the text reference to the dragon. The message which can be clearly seen on the wings of the plane says that "Hinomaru (Rising Sun) calendars are the harbinger of luck and business growth."
On reverse of the poster, a wide range of calendar products are shown with photographic illustrations. All daily calendars.

Unfortunately Japan experienced the Showa financial depression in 1927 and the Great Depression followed soon after in 1929. Thus the promise that Satoku Company offered to its prospective customers, came true for very few Japanese businesses.

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