Stock ID #212980 源義家. [Minamoto Yoshiie]. Minamoto Yoshi'ie]. MEIJI PERIOD LITHOGRAPH PRINT.
源義家. [Minamoto Yoshiie]. Minamoto Yoshi'ie].

源義家. [Minamoto Yoshiie].
Minamoto Yoshi'ie].

[Japan]. (Circa 1890s). Stock ID #212980

Colour lithograph print, 15.7 x 21.7cm, in matt measuring 30.5 x 40.7cm. Very good copy.

This vibrant lithograph illustrates a scene in which the samurai leader Minamoto no Yoshi'ie, also known as Hachiman Taro, detects the presence of enemy soldiers by observing the disturbance among birds in the field. The depicted battle is recognized as "Gosannen no Eki" (Battle of 1083), where Minamoto no Yoshi'ie fought on behalf of the retired Emperor. The caption on the right side provides background information on the battle.

Minamoto no Yoshi'ie is noted in Japanese history as an anti-hero or rebel figure. His war flag, a white flag, is prominently displayed next to him in the artwork. This lithograph captures a moment from a historical battle, emphasizing the strategic acumen and leadership skills of Minamoto no Yoshi'ie in the midst of conflict.

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