Inside Austronesian Houses. Perspectives on Domestic Designs for Living. JAMES J. FOX.

Inside Austronesian Houses. Perspectives on Domestic Designs for Living.

Canberra. Research School of Pacific Studies. Australian National University. 1993. Stock ID #49639

Maps, black and white illustrations, x + 237pp, references, small quarto, paperback. The eight papers in this volume examine the spatial organisation of a variety of Austronesian houses and relate the domestic design of these houses to the social and ritual practices of the specific groups who reside within them. Includes Comparative Perspectives on Austronesian Houses: An Introductory Essay - James J. Fox; The Lahanan Longhouse - Jennifer Alexander; Good Walls Make Bad Neighbours: Good Walls Make Bad Neighbours: The Dayak Longhouse as a Community of Voices - Christine Helliwell; Posts, Hearths and Thresholds: The Iban Longhouse as a Ritual Structure - Clifford Sather; Raising the House Post and Feeding the Husband-Givers: The Spatial Categories of Social Reproduction among the Mingangkabau - Cecilia Ng; Memories of Ridge-Poles and Cross-Beams: The Categorical Foundations of a Rotinese Cultural Design - James J. Fox; The Kalauna House of Secrets - Michael W. Young; Maori Meeting-Houses in and Over Time - Toon van Meijl; Houses and the Built Environment in Island South-East Asia: Tracing Some Shared Themes in the Uses of Space - Roxana Waterson. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 49639).

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