Between Worlds. Linguistic Papers in Memory of David John Prentice. K. ALEXANDER AND ROBERT BLUST ADELAAR.

Between Worlds. Linguistic Papers in Memory of David John Prentice..

Canberra. Research School of Pacific Studies. Australian National University. 2002. Stock ID #65079

Portrait frontispiece, 216pp, paperback. Small quarto. The 12 papers in this volume are: Salako morphology and the interrelation between voice, mood and aspect - Sander Adelaar; Formalism or phoneyism? The history of Kayan final glottal stop - Robert Blust; Split intransitivity in Timugon Murut - Richard Brewis; Observations on Lundayeh auxilaries and the case of aru' - Beatrice Clayre; The study of Sarawak Malay in context - James T. Collins; An introduction to the Inanwatan language of Irian Jaya - Lourens de Vries; A brief note on 'spirit helpers' in the Lung Lejie epic of the Wehea Modang (East Kalimantan) - Antonio Guerreiro; Inconsistent distinction of possessive and qualitive nominal attribution in Indonesian - Waruno Mahdi; Dutch loan-translations in Indonesian - Stuart Robson; More (on) Kerinci sound-changes - Hein Steinhauer; Verb sequences in Melayu Tenggara Jauh: The interface of Malay and the indigenous languages of Southwest Maluku - Aone van Engelenhoven; European loan words in Ambonese Malay - Don van Minde. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 65079).

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