Japanese Maps of the Greater East Asian War

In this catalogue Asia Bookroom offers a collection of Japanese maps of Asia, the Pacific, Australia and the world from this critical time in world history.

Chinese Posters & Papercuts

A general catalogue of our inventory of 20th century Chinese posters and papercuts.

Melbourne Rare Book Fair 2018

A selection of highlights from our stall at the 2018 Melbourne Rare Book Fair.

East Asia & Beyond - 2018

Includes a selection of manuscripts, books, maps, and ephemera mainly on East Asia with some Southeast Asia in the mix.

Tokyo International Antiquarian Book Fair 2018

A small selection of our stall exhibited in Tokyo, March 2018. Highlights include an album of 24 Kurofune Kawaraban, and some albums of hand-coloured Chinese illustrations.

China in Print - Hong Kong 2017

A selection of provocative highlights from our stall at China In Print 2017. This year, we have two early Japanese representations of the controversial islands in the South China Sea. Additionally, the catalogue features a first edition of Lobscheid's English Chinese Dictionary, and a rare original mock-up of China Pictorial No.11; amongst other pieces.

New York Antiquarian Book Fair March 2017

A selection of highlights from our stall at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair in March 2017.

China In Print - Hong Kong 2016

A selection of highlights from our stall at China In Print 2016. Of note is a rare and profoundly imporant Chinese Opium War watercolour album; we have not found an album of similar content which has been offered for sale or is held in an institution. Other highlights include signed editions of notable works, early 20th century photographs and advertising.