Saya Suka Bahasa Indonesia! Pronunciation. Year 1.

Saya Suka Bahasa Indonesia! Pronunciation. Year 1.

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Audio CD.

The Languages Made Easy CD kits are the ideal companion to the Program Books.

The CDs are great for teachers without a strong background in the language they are teaching, or for those who cannot demonstrate authentic pronunciation. Mainstream teachers can continue with lessons when LOTE teachers are absent.

Use CDs to establish a library listening post - they are a very good source of consolidation for student learning outside the LOTE classroom. The CDs will help with integrating a language into the mainstream classroom. Male and female native speakers have been used to reproduce all the vocabulary in the Practical Program Books. And the pace is slow enough for anyone to follow.

User friendly and inexpensive resources. The tracks relate directly to the Practical Program Book lesson numbers, making it easy for teachers to give students a pronunciation guide for the vocabulary covered in their lessons. Like the Languages Made Easy Program Books, you need only buy the CD kits you require (K-2, Years 3-4 or 5-6), saving money that you can spend on other resources you want now. The CDs are the same low price as the Practical Program.

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