Celebrity in China.

Hong Kong. Hong Kong University. 2010. Stock ID #171843

xi + 286 pages, index, references, notes, paperback. Celebrity is a pervasive aspect of everyday life and a growing field of academic inquiry. This is the first book-length exploration of celebrity culture in the People's Republic of China and its interaction with international norms of celebrity production. The book comprises case studies from popular culture (film, music, dance, literature, internet); official culture (military, political, and moral exemplars) and business celebrities. This breadth illuminates the ways capitalism and communism converge in the elevation of particular individuals to fame in contemporary China. The book will interest scholars and students in media, popular culture and China studies. Journalists may find the book useful for their analysis of famous figures in China and people working in creative industries area may appreciate these insights into 'image management' in China.

Louise Edwards is professor of modern China studies at the University of Hong Kong.
Elaine Jeffreys is a senior lecturer in China studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 171843).

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