Stock ID #175578 Japanese Propaganda Leaflet Dropped on British Troops. AIRBORNE JAPANESE WWII PROPAGANDA LEAFLET.

Japanese Propaganda Leaflet Dropped on British Troops.

Circa 1942. Stock ID #175578

Small airborne propaganda leaflet printed on one side only featuring a colour illustration. Appears to have been dropped during the Malayan Campaign. 14.6 x 19.8 cm, creased and marked on the reverse. Image still very clear and strong.

Airborne colour propaganda leaflet urges the British troops to surrender to Japan. The rather oddly worded text reads:

"Iron-rationed. Stranded.
Nothing but dog biscuits.
Day after day, positively.
How about a dish of salad like this?
For a change of diet.. just a change of mind".

The image shows three figures, two of whom are identifiable as British soldiers in a desperate situation on a small piece of land possibly representing Singapore. In the distance, their warships are burning. A plate of salad which dominates the image looks enticingly fresh and colourful, albeit rather surprising that the Japanese military propaganda believed salad would motivate the soldiers to surrender! Similar messages published and dropped by the Allies were distributed to Japanese troops in Japanese towards the end of the Pacific War with the same aim in mind.

Although we have not been able to identify the area depicted with absolute certainty, we believe this leaflet was likely dropped during the Malayan Campaign rather than Guadalcanal as we have seen it attributed to. Our reasons for this include the leaflet showing British soldiers, whereas American servicemen were primarily involved in Guadalcanal. The burning ships offshore seem to fit more with the sinking of the HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, particularly as only two are depicted, and they are being destroyed by what seem to be land-based bombers, not other ships or carrier-based aircraft. Likewise, at the late stage in the Pacific War that the Guadalcanal Campaign took place, Japan was no longer in a position where they could cope with POWs nor were they likely to be in a position to print colour leaflets or distribute them.

Commonly, airborne leaflets were used over land battles rather than in naval battles.

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