Physical and Political Map of Africa. AFRICA - PRE-COLONIAL ERA MAP.

Physical and Political Map of Africa.

New York. Harper & Brothers. [circa 1877]. Stock ID #176015

Chromolithographed map with outlne handcolour, 27.1 x 21 cm, major towns marked with a red cross, relief by hachures, ocean currents marked, two inset maps of the Suez canal and Mascarene Island, two very small marginal edge tears not affecting the map, slight toning, unrelated text on the verso, prepared for "Harper's School Geography", in very good condition

Interesting map of Africa before the escalation of the European race for colonial possessions from 1880. The map shows: the European possessions of the Cape Colony, Transvaal Republic, Orange River Republic, and Natal; regions of the continent as fertile belts and desert belts; and indicates agricultural and other production such as palm oil, ivory, skins, and cattle. Major cities are shown, with important trade centers highlighted with a red cross. Prepared for US students in "Harper's School Geography", longitude is shown from the Greenwich prime meridian at the head of the map, and from the Washington prime meridian at the foot. A small outline map of Ohio is included for relative scale.

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