Stock ID #177811 [黒船来航と相撲力士. Kurofune raikō to sumo rikishi]. [Arrival of the Black Ships and Sumo Wrestlers]. SUMO WRESTLERS' INVOLVEMENT AND COMMODORE PERRY'S SHIPS.

[黒船来航と相撲力士. Kurofune raikō to sumo rikishi].
[Arrival of the Black Ships and Sumo Wrestlers].

Circa 1854. Stock ID #177811

Black and white woodblock print, 23 x 63cm. Light occasional foxing, central fold neatly repaired on the verso with archival washi.

This fascinating kawaraban was very likely published around 1854, soon after Perry's second visit to Japan. It reports in detail on the gifts given to the King of America (the American President), the ship's captain (Perry), a translator and to the crew. The gifts to the US President include a desk, a bookshelf, a flower vase, and variety of silk. Silk textiles were also given to Commodore Perry and a translator, along with 200 sacks of rice and 300 chickens to the crew.
An illustration on left half shows several sumo wrestlers carrying sacks of rice for loading onto the American ships. The wrestlers had volunteered to play a role in "defending Edo from foreign ships” but did not have a chance to join in defending forces. However, when they seized an opportunity to show off their physical strength and carry the heavy sacks (each weighed about 80kg) to the boats, the American crew were highly impressed. Twenty sumo wrestlers' names are listed along the upper border of the illustration. Later, some of the sumo wrestlers carried out demonstration bouts in front of Perry and his crew before their departure. An intriguing, and not widely known, interaction between Japan and the United States!

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