Stock ID #178390 Street Punishments. No. 1. [caption title]. CHINA - PUNISHMENTS. ANTIQUE PRINT, GEORGE HENRY MASON, AFTER.

Street Punishments. No. 1. [caption title].

The London Printing and Publishing Company Limited. (Circa 1860). Stock ID #178390

Engraving 21.3 x 27.2 cm (sheet), edges darkened, top edge a little ragged, single bloom of discolouration affecting the blank of the image, but otherwise in very good condition.

"[The accused] is preceded by a man, who strikes upon a gong, in order to draw upon the offender the notice of the public. Two others walk after him, one of whom is employed in keeping up his face with a bundle of cleft canes. A little red banner is fastened on each side of the culprit, to render him more conspicuous ; and his hands are tied behind his back." [descriptive text from George Henry Mason, "Punishments of China" first published in 1801]

From the Estate of the late collector and scholar Arthur Hacker.

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