Stock ID #178393 Punishment of the Bamboo. [caption title]. CHINA - PUNISHMENTS. ANTIQUE PRINT, GEORGE HENRY MASON, AFTER.

Punishment of the Bamboo. [caption title]

The London Printing and Publishing Company Limited. (Circa 1860). Stock ID #178393

Engraving 21.2 x 26.6 cm (sheet), top edge a little ragged, edges darkened, a few minor spots, but otherwise in very good condition.

"An Offender undergoing the bastinade. He is thrown flat upon his face, and held in that position by one, or more, if necessary, of the magistrate's attendants kneeling upon his back, whilst another applies the pan-tsee to his posterior. The pan-tsee is a thick piece of split bamboo cane, the lower end of which is about four inches in width, and the upper end small and smooth, to render the instrument more convenient for the hand..." [descriptive text from George Henry Mason, "Punishments of China" first published in 1801]

From the Estate of the late collector and scholar Arthur Hacker.

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