Stock ID #180757 New Map of Waters of Australasia. WWII MAP OF SOUTHEAST ASIA, W. H. WISNER.

New Map of Waters of Australasia.

Chicago. Chicago Daily Tribune. December 16 1942. Stock ID #180757

Printed colour map on a single newspaper leaf 41.6 x 52.8 cm; 45 x 60 cm (sheet), inset legends, marginal browning and at the folds, but remarkably bright, in very good condition.

Map of Southeast Asia published in the Chicago Daily Tribune "The World's Greatest Newspaper" delineating the Pacific theatre of war with a detailed text legend. "This is a new war map of the far east, showing an important part of southeastern Asia and Australasian waters, from a station in which, according to Prime Minister Curtin of Australia, a United States fleet will operate." Interestingly New Guinea is marked as British, rather than as an Australian administrative region which it became following the Treaty of Versailles.

"… the historic Chicago Tribune was an innovator in color inks and printing, but also a pioneer in bringing colorful art in the form of illustrations, photographs, cartoons and advertisements to the average person in an everyday medium." [see The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection, Michigan State University Libraries.]

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