Stock ID #180789 The Domain of the Enemy. WWII MAP OF THE JAPANESE EMPIRE.

The Domain of the Enemy

Chicago. Chicago Daily Tribune. December 12 1941. Stock ID #180789

Printed colour map on a single newspaper leaf 41.5 x 53 cm; 45.1 x 59.9 cm (sheet), three inset maps of the Japanese Empire; Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands; and Hokkaido and Chisima, marginal browning and at the central fold, but remarkably bright, in very good condition.

Map of the Japanese Empire, ominously titled, published in the Chicago Daily Tribune one week after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Prefectures are attractively coloured.

Based on a Rand McNally map, the Tribune briskly got to work issuing maps for readers showing the beginnings of the war with Japan. Later maps were also published for sale separately, but remarkably few have survived.
"... the historic Chicago Tribune was an innovator in color inks and printing, but also a pioneer in bringing colorful art in the form of illustrations, photographs, cartoons and advertisements to the average person in an everyday medium." [see The Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection, Michigan State University Libraries.]

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